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I had only a few days to prepare for my exams and I hadn’t had anything in my empty head.

I had my first ever row of exams I was really freaked out to take.

“I no longer feel safe in the building and would like to be transferred to a different work environment where harassment/bullying is not tolerated,” Costa said in a letter to her union rep. Three students were suspended last fall after getting nabbed for stealing her smartphone.

She accused principal Steve Dorcely of a coverup by not aggressively investigating the hack and harassment involving 12th-grade students about to graduate. One theory is that someone accessed the Facebook message from that phone.

No other online Japanese school can match our value with better teachers, better lessons, better classrooms, and better policies.

I had no desire to prepare myself but I still had to go and at least show up.

The students dropped dozens of copies in the third-floor hallway, a scene captured on video, according to sources.

But the horrifying incident wasn’t reported to the Department of Education by school administrators until June 17, sources said.

Our teachers participate in continuing teacher education activities, such as workshops and simulated lessons, to ensure the highest possible quality of Japanese instruction.

Our teachers are committed to your success as you learn Japanese online.

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