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She also told him that while he was actually her cousin once removed he could call her Aunt Shirley for simplicity.She did make efforts to keep him fed, clothed, sheltered and educated.

He wasn’t as smart as most of them but he got along with many of them regardless of his shyness.

He recognized the speaker as Reggie Halston, one of the wide receivers for the Bearcats, the high school football team Ed played the Guard position for. He gave his head a shake and continued down the street. He found out later that her charity was mostly to get her hands on his mother’s limited estate and the insurance money.

Reggie was grinning as he leaned out the window of his buddy’s pickup. Shirley made sure he was aware that she was not replacing his mother.

He did his best from that time on to avoid showering with the others either by being first or last. Edward gave himself a shake when he found himself dwelling on that old history.

He was eighteen now and he did his best to put up with the ribbing from the rest of his team though it still hurt.

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