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Additional Information can be found in -- 9385 What do you do with QCM tables (conversion tables)99507 Update terminations after upgrade/client copy158774 Incorrect case mappings in some locales190669 Sending lists using SAPconnect455195 R3load: Use of TSK files514967 Table logging following change in the code page539404 FAQ: Answers to Questions about the Security Log Files544623 Unicode Installation548016 Conversion to Unicode / Unicode System Copy552464 What is Big Endian/Little Endian ? 552612 Differences between MS and SAP Code Pages589159 Incorrect entries in matchcode fields in ADRC and ADRP614550 Troubleshooting BC-I18617444 Separate SCHEMA ID for database schema and tablespace name627764 Unicode Migration: Table pools inconsistent after conversion653981 RADCUCNT: Objects that cannot be generated.660873 Transporting Proposal Pools after Web AS release 6.20 SP 25674882 Upgrade: Syntax error in program RKE5XXXX679456 Reducing data volume before Unicode Conversion688089 SYSLOG: unreadable characters after change to UNICODE693168 Minimized Downtime Service and Incremental Migration695196 Error in the export for Unicode migration706528 Changing Unicode setting for connection type "L"709019 Inconsistency with table types after Unicode migration712958 Dumps when processing personal value list729348 Unicode change for units of measure738858 R3load for Unicode conversion740863 RADCUCNT: Objects that cannot be generated.765475 Unicode Conversion: Troubleshooting766703 FAQ: Credit card encryption in R/3 systems771209 NW04: System copy (supplementary note) Help778209 Cluster records with missing PAGENO 0 in table CDCLS778662 Check and correction report for table CDCLS784118 System Copy Java Tools785848 Hom./Het.

System Copy SAP Web AS 6.40 SR1 Java790099 R/3 Parameter Settings for Unicode Conversion795267 System Copy for 'SAP Web AS Java' based systems795871 Conversion of the enqueue key of the TLOCK* tables813445 Documentation of the report UMG_POOL_TABLE821971 Co-operation between RADCUCNT and R3load827289 Generation of Unicode runtime objects833946 Splitting of STR files837184 Report Writer and Unicode conversion838402 Non-Unicode installations: drawbacks and shortcomings837173 RADCUCNT in Unicode Conversion: Collective Note855772 Distribution Monitor855841 Payment medium in a Unicode system856557 INDX-type table with UC data but non-UC code page info857081 Unicode conversion: downtime estimate858242 Upgrade to Unicode: Required actions for ITS 6.20867193 ABAP and kernel patches for CU&UC in 46CComment: (very important for CU&UC conversions)881048 F4 Help: Unicode conversion for table DDSHPVAL50881879 Unicode conversion for table O2HTMLATTR885343 SAP System Landscape Copy888210 Net Weaver 7.0/7.10: System copy (supplementary note)Comment: (needed for BW part (system copy) of SAP NW 7.0)901004 Conversion of ABAP spool requests to Unicode.922783 Rescue language files for DE / EN928729 Combined Upgrade & Unicode Conversion FAQComment: (Important Information for CU&UC)932779 Unicode conversion - analysis of nametab problems Comment: (Good description regarding nametab handling)935239 Adjusting TMS RFC destination after Unicode conversions938738 Syslog CP6: still using ambiguous blended code page952514 Pilot Projects for table splitting960710 Fin statement versions: Text under UNICODE partly unusable961026 EH&S WWI: Errors in Unicode mode978244 CU&UC and nametab errors987914 Adjusting variants, Unicode problem989116 Distribution Monitor: Troubleshooting Guide991481 Database is using UTF-8 and not UTF-16 ?

If you’re updating your SAP Business Objects BI Platform to Lumira 2.x then you’ll have a few questions about the various server Add-ons.

This blog provides a high-level view of the steps you need to follow to update your Design Studio 1.x and Lumira 1.x Add-ons to Lumira 2.x.

Candidates must have the ability to create financial metrics requirements and lead interactive workshops, and be able to translate information to various technological platforms that better empower the user to be more effective. The candidate will be traveling to CONUS and OCONUS sites in Europe and Southwest Asia.

Binary Group offers competitive base pay commensurate with experience level and a comprehensive benefits package, including medical/dental/vision plans subsidized by the company, 401(k) plan, life and disability insurance, and other benefits. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment and will not be discriminated against on the basis of gender, age, national origin, marital status, disability, veteran status or other protected status.MDMP Connections600560 CPICSDK restrictions with Unicode613389 ALE SAP system group with Unicode systems615864 Excel output: Umlauts are not displayed correctly647495 RFC for Unicode ./.MDMP Connections651497 Code page problems during Unicode- MDMP Systems with ALE663089 RFC bit options in SM59697625 ALE: Transport problems for Customizing data722193 RFC legacy non-Unicode clients and Unicode servers723562 SAP Java Connector 2.x: Configuration and Requirements723612 Problems in the communication with unicode enabled Web AS745030 MDMP - Unicode Interfaces: Solution Overview Comment: (Good overview - important for mixed landscapes)752835 Usage of the file interfaces in Unicode systems775189 XBP interface and Unicode788239 Which language is used to run an RFC on the target788449 Byte-order Marks in UTF-8 Files790485 RFC Problem Single Code Page, non-Unicode to Unicode System793847 ALE SAP system group (Unicode) with subsystem794411 Supported codepages of SAP Java Connector 2.1 and 6.x798824 Inf.1151258 Error when sending Excel attachments1176806 Language key for external IDoc processing using1236565 NW RFC SDK: Logging on with non-ISO-Latin-1 user or password1269686 Reading DART extracts with different code pages1274259 Payment medium before upgrade to Unicode-active system1278126 Problems with PMW variants / change to Unicode1294663 RTF upload in Unicode systems1361970 Conversion problems during RFC communication1365764 Codepage of DME file1491018 IDoc: Report MASS_RSEOUT00 in Unicode systems1503601 Error trace for reading Unicode files and OS 147519 Maintenance strategy / deadlines 'SAP GUI'316903 SAPGUI: How to use I18N mode382285 Some characters are converted to '#' in SAP Win GUI508854 GUI Unicode Mode: Usage and restrictions Comment: (Main SAPGui for Windows restrictions note)513435 Windows code page setup for text files544942 OCX controls: Connection to Unicode backend578944 Expected release dates for SAP GUI for Windows & ITS615746 Incorrect HTML data at front end against Unicode R/3673244 SAPGUI: Recent corrections for Unicode support.710720 SAP GUI for Windows 6.40: Delivery and new functions742662 MS Word as Editor in SAPscript and Smart Forms754311 National special characters are not displayed764480 SAP Win GUI I18N Trouble Shooting765763 Setting the Upload/Download codepage for a SAPGUI connection771333 Encoding isn't recognized in HTML control817010 FB03/FBV3/FB01/Java GUI/Web GUI: Problems with documt overview837327 SAP GUI for Windows: Side-effects of "Unicode OFF"857437 Search Help: Field names and dialog title seen wrongly as '?'862693 OFFI: Umlauts getting displayed as "#" in unicode880231 OFFI: Problem when unicode schema is used in Template Designer908948 OFFI:garbled data with Copy Link Item To Clipboard910300 Grid View: Truncation of text in Unicode systems926840 OFFI: Insert table inserts garbled characters in document929300 SAP GUI for Windows 6.20: Limited support1022548 Graphics with restricted Unicode support1002845 Graphic Layout Editor in Unicode systems (II)1073779 setting the Frontend Up-/Download Codepage1088209 Help for troubleshooting: Code page display problems1159564 F4: Limitation in number of characters for the search string1161278 SAPGOF preferes Japanese formats1324301 Bar chart / net chart: Unicode support 83502 Printing Support for Native Languages129581 Euro sign: printing215015 Unicode UTF-8 printing with a Lexmark printer323736 Restrictions with "PDF print" through spooler423003 Printers and Asian/Eastern European fonts/languages564142 Composite Unicode SAP note (Smart Forms and SAPScript)710994 Layout of lists printed with LEXUT8 Unicode printer750219 Unicode UTF-8 printing with HP printers776507 SAPscript/Smart Forms: Which fonts for which languages?

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Lumira and Design Studio have converged into a single product and a single document type.

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