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Finally, all characters in this story are of legal age and beyond.***** Chapter One -- Some Questions Answered, but More Created Flipping the phone back to show her face, Bri continued, "Let's give these kids a few minutes to themselves." With that, she stood and walked toward the door, leaving them behind.dirtier fantasies." I wanted to break in again, because I still had no idea how we got to the place we were now. "I believe you and Kristi are safe for us; since, you are totally in love with each other. With that said, I want to support him in what he wants as much as he wants to support me in those things that I want." As she paused, I could tell she was again trying to formulate her next thoughts.Hell, you're the couple that everyone else wants to be." I wasn't so sure that was true anymore, but let it go as she carried on unabated. I maintained my silence, needing to hear what she had to say.

Incidentally, now including her ample breasts in the screen view.To keep things going for us and not to let it ever get boring." Her eyes now bore into mine."To cut to the chase, with my inability to handle all of that monster, I need someone I can trust who can fully satisfy that behemoth between his legs," another pause before saying, "and fulfill some of his errr... While I'm willing to stretch those, there are just some things that I can't bring myself to do."Even though we've only been together a short time, Derrick and I have been completely honest and straightforward with each other about lifestyle, fantasies, and... "In truth, it's made us very confident in our relationship.We've both been burned in the past, and we had this discussion in the very beginning of the relationship where we both vowed to start this one on equal and honest footing." I broke in suddenly. " She gave another long sigh and looked me directly in the eyes before responding.

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She was very comfortable in her nudity, and I was thankful for it. " Without additional pause, she began her explanation.

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