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Cruella and Ursula choose to leave Maleficent's child in the woods to die, and use her dragon egg to prevent themselves from aging for thirty years.The child is found and taken in by the social services. The Evil Queen enacts a Dark Curse in the Enchanted Forest, taking most of its inhabitants to another land where magic does not exist.Its magic was supplied by a family of Tree Nymphs, but one Nymph, Gothel, was fooled by a group of humans led by Isla into trusting them, which eventually allowed them to break into the Tree Nymphs' home and kill all of them except Gothel.

In 1998, Emma runs away from the group home after realizing that no one is going to adopt her.For six months, he lives as a beggar on the streets before he is taken in by the Darling family and befriends their daughter Wendy.She is visited at night by a Shadow that takes her to Neverland only to return the next morning.Some slimy lump will flop ashore, crawl towards humanity again. I shudder at the thought of what destructive civilization they'll create next.This time, they'll do it alone in a cold world because now they've created something that's never been before... Many thousands of years ago, the Land Without Magic was a magical realm like the Fairy Tale Land and New Fairy Tale Land.

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