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He is sitting under an awning at his French villa, looking out across his swimming pool at the distant medieval rooftops of Châteauneuf de Grasse, in the foothills of the Alps.

These are not the trappings of the Bros back catalogue, but of Logan's subsequent career as a manager of such global artists as Sade, Pink and Tina Turner.

", he had the eyes of the crowd upon him, his name was being called on the PA system – and yet he craved the shadows. "I'm not crazy about that, I was a bit, like, oh-eugggh."Logan is the reluctant pop star who has triumphed by working in the wings to become one of the most influential figures in the world music business.

Up there on the stage at Caesar's that night was his old school friend, Matt Goss, the former frontman of Eighties starlets Bros, who has been reborn as a crooner, taking the Vegas strip by storm with a Rat Pack-style revue.

He hunkered down in the studio and co-wrote three top 20 hits for Kim Appleby.

At the age of 20, he took over her management, too.

His girlfriends have included Kim Appleby from the Eighties pop act Mel & Kim and, more recently, Dannii Minogue.

"Ah, it's my pool guys," he says, as we are interrupted by workmen.

God knows what made me think of doing that but that's what I used to do.

As much as I work in the rock'n'roll business, I have got an element of being very sensible."Logan, with his slim build and understated dress sense, looks the antithesis of an ageing pop star. No loud shirt or boastful tales of groupies and wrecked hotel rooms.

At that time we were the biggest band in the UK – but they said I owed them money."The teenager had six legal actions and won them all. "I used to sit with [the lawyers] and go through the contracts every day.

Suddenly I realised how an artist and a producer were paid and what deductions were taken out.

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I turned to them both at that point and said, 'I'm leaving the band'."But it wasn't a question of just walking away.

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