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Jones will join an impressive list of artists previously celebrated by the BRC, including Nina Simone, James Brown, Betty Davis, Curtis Mayfield, and Gil Scott-Heron.

“I keep them organized by taking Polaroids and taping them on each box,” she says. JONES: I have a red one, I have an electric blue, and a purple one.

We were looking for him; all the police were looking for him.

TALLEY: Did he go to see JONES: Oh no, he doesn’t go to the movies. JONES: I know, but he can wait till it comes on Home Box Office.

To appreciate it, one must witness Grace thrashing around onstage, or in her “A One-Man Show” video—an Academy Award nominee directed by Jean Paul Goude—crashing a dozen cymbals into orchestrated revolt on stage. I wanted a lot of animalism to come out of it, and when you come out with a tail that’s wet, it’s just natural—TALLEY: To shake it.

Or in Paris, swinging over a throng of 2,000 at Le Palace. I only started getting into furs when the designers I liked started making them.

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Or taking three hours to pin in a white foxtail to the back of her Azzedine Alaïa ensemble to create a city savage suit. TALLEY: Remember we went to the first show of Claude Montana’s at Bergdorf’s and you tried on the furs? I had some cloth coats from Montana and Kenzo, and I was always saying, “I wish they would make these coats in fur,” and when they started doing them I went absolutely crazy. TALLEY: I was uptown going to church and on the 95th and Broadway “Grace Jones” was above the title of you upstaged everyone.

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