Who is dating monica lewinsky

Only a few argued that perhaps what drove Monica was an everyday commonplace infatuation (to stop short of using the "L" word — love).

Monica Lewinsky ascended into infamy in 1998 as a result of her affair with President Bill Clinton. Many speculated that the Clintons paid Monica for her silence.

Longstreth’s fling with Lewinsky took place in the fall of 1996, budding out of a six-day summertrip to Hungary, Bosnia, Germany, Italy and France.

In her book, Lewinsky claims that “Thomas” – she doesn’t give his last name – invited her to stay overnight just after the trip, but she said she declined because she thought Clinton might call.

Lewinsky claims in the book she became pregnant during her three-month fling with Longstreth in the latter half of 1996.

The book says they “fell out over sharing the costs of the [abortion] procedure, which meant she had to borrow the money from Aunt Debra” – referring to Debra Finer-man, a free-lance journalist who lives in Virginia. “Does he think that paying for the abortion will endear himself to the American people?

From the killing of Mario Woods to the recent police killings in Charlotte, there have been two sides to the whole topic.

Even today, sixteen years later, the media is abuzz with the news of Monica's return from obscurity even before her actual interview with Vanity Fair is supposed to hit the stands on May 13th.

So why is it so difficult for us to imagine a world where a 22 year old girl has genuine and intense amorous feelings toward her 52 year old boss? Power is attractive— Henry Kissinger once said that power was the ultimate aphrodisiac. Women are naturally attracted to leaders— For thousands of years, women chose men who are natural leaders to be able to protect and provide for their families. The ' Daddy Syndrome'— Many little girls relied on their fathers to make them feel safe and comfortable. And he is usually more than happy to endow his 'expertise' onto a younger woman.5.

Black Lives Matter sprung into action and celebrities like Beyonce endorsed it. She sprung into limelight after the Super Bowl when Beoynce’s performance resonated with BLM, Black Panthers and the racial discrimination in the states.

Then came the likes of Tomi Lahren, who opposed it. Tomi was quick to try to steal the spotlight and stir some good ol’ controversy when she reacted to the celebrity by attacking her husband, Jay Z.

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That meant she had to find a way to pay for it herself.

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