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Standout Product: Gimme A Break Lotion, .50 – , Little Moon Essentials 3. The Better Skin Company actually only makes this Mirakle Cream, but I wish they made more!The backstory of the brand is adorable and a classic “American dream” tale – the creator brought her famous family recipe for this cream to America, and eventually began selling it.Lyeska Lyeska was created to avoid GMOs and other icky chemical ingredients.They make their products to be natural, safe, and effective, with each ingredient serving a specific purpose.Most cleansers with exfoliating beads use little pieces of plastic that are bad for the environment, but The Jojoba Company uses naturally solidified jojoba beads that are all natural and eco-friendly.Standout Product: Jojoba Bead Facial Cleanser, .95, The Jojoba Company 2.A few months ago, I heard a news story that left me feeling low-key terrified.

In all seriousness though, this brand offers a lot of amazing products that really work and are also aesthetically pleasing.One of my favorites is the Instant Glow mask, which feels tingly and refreshing, and leaves your skin super soft and glowy. I love the Exfoliant, which is earthy and fun, because you mix it with water to use it. There are a bunch to choose from, but my favorite is this Floral Alchemy option.Standout Product: Brighten Pineapple Enzyme Gemstone Instant Glow Mask, , Sephora 5. It’s so gorgeous to look at that you won’t even want to use it. Standout Product: Floral Alchemy Intention Bath, , Crystal Cactus 7.As their website notes, “we believe that a skincare product should do more than just preserve or enhance beauty; it should make you feel confident that you are making an informed, responsible and healthy choice for both yourself and for the world around you.” You’ll definitely feel good when using their dreamy Siberian cedar nut oil, which is 100 percent natural, vegan, and not greasy or too oily.Standout Product: Pure Siberian Cedar Nut Oil, , Lyeska 8.

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If many of those words sounded like gibberish to you, doesn’t that mean they shouldn’t be in your products? One Love Organics offers lots of great options, but my favorite is the Vitamin B cleansing oil, which is a best seller for them.

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  1. Rachel decided to reveal to Louis what had happened, and Louis returns to work, asking Jessica to re-hire Katrina as loyalty should not be a trait to be punished.