Validating steam files stuck at 54

During the event a Quantum Manifesto will be presented containing a comprehensive strategy to ensure Europe remains at the forefront of this emerging technology.Download the PDF file For more information, please visit the website here The European Academy of Sciences has been invited by the UNESCO to participate to its roundtable: "Galvanizing Science Education and Research for Fostering an Innovation Culture in the Arab Region", during the "World Science Forum".The outcome of the workshop could bring about a significant improvement in this strategic funding scheme, and therefore EURASC has decided to delegate a representative to participate in the workshop.Paris (France), Foundation Singer-Polignac, 29-30 April 2014, Professor Edgardo Carosella, Chairman of the Academic Council, invites our members to the Academic Conference he organizes in Paris : "Nature et Artifice - L′Homme face à l′Evolution de sa propre essence".Up to now, 900 people endorsed it, but we would like to reach a few thousands endorsements.I understand that not everybody is aware that endorsements are open to everyone who is working in our field in Europe, including each student of each group.

The program will comprise invited lectures by internationally renowned speakers working in academia, industrial laboratories, and research institutes.

José Inácio Faria (MEPs - European Parliament); Dr. Assistance for the local organisation will be provided by KIT.

Antonio Vasco Alves Machado, Ambassador, Portuguese Embassy in Brussels, Belgium; Prof. Click here to see the Winning Team of the Kepler Prize 2012 and their Workshop Project Abstract. More than 30 funding agencies from more than 25 countries participate with a preliminary total budget of around 25 million € national/regional funding. Hélène de Rode, Perpetual Secretary of Eur ASc have represented our Academy during this event. Hélène de Rode to give a lecture on "An Arab Charter of Ethics for Human – Centered Science and Technology in the Arab Region".

Alain Tressaud, President a.i of Eur ASc, will present the goals and major activities of the European Academy of Sciences, during the ALLEA Conference, in which Eur ASc is associated, which will take place in Budapest (Hungary), on September 4-6, 2017.

For more information, please visite the website here.

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