Updating a jailbreak iphone

For i OS 10.3-10.3.3, there are again a couple of tools to choose between.

Meridian This tool supports all 64-bit devices on all i OS 10.x firmwares.

However, if you are on i OS 10.2.1 or below you’d be better off jailbreaking with existing tools, such as Yalu, extra_recipe, or Saïgon, for the time being.

If you’re on i OS 10.3.x, you should consider using G0blin instead of this too, at least for now.

Saurik does not approve of Substitute, nor of a jailbreakd approach, and it remains to be seen what his own solution will be for KPP-less Substrate support.

Saurik’s unknown solution The current status and rate of progress of this project is unknown, though it has been confirmed to be underway.As they do not bypass KPP they cannot modify areas of the kernel which are checked by KPP.Instead, they modify only safe areas, making them very stable.In times gone by, jailbreaks would come in the form of one tool per firmware range.Whoever got there first would release, and that release would be the standard.

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