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These ladies-of-the-night have something about them. They are not afraid to make the first move, when they have not been approached by a client.

Yet, clients in Kabalagala are not scarce; the ladies show up every day; business is booming.

So, Buyinza suggested Capital Pub in Kabalagala, a place he last visited five years ago.

It is just steps off the main road on the Kansanga-Gaba Highway.

Who are this “good-hearted” women involved in such transactions? The majority are Rwandese nationals who have come to Kabalagala for “greener pastures”.

There are still a few Ugandans, mostly with a western Uganda ascent.

That is a sentiment that will sound wasteful to women in Kabalagala.

To my amusement, despite Ugandans complaining about product prices, inside Capital Pub, women negotiate prices ranging from seven to ten thousand shillings, depending on the available complimentary services (after sales services) – satirical – language only known to themselves and their usual clients, all welcomes one at a glance, with women aged any where between 16 to late 30s enjoying, as if there is no tomorrow.

One pulled my shirt to tell me; “Uncle, ,” as – seven thousand shillings for sex.“If you want one, I can get you the most beautiful of all.But, you will have to negotiate the price yourself,” the bar attendant told me as I kept bombarding him with questions about the girls.A few men (locals) were trying to negotiate with the women for s*x, however the biggest number are Indians, Somalis and foreign tourists.Some were dancing and touching the women – for a fee.

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