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The Digital Bits have been sent some interesting information via reader Bryan Pistole, regarding a piece of advertising he spotted at Best Buy that indicates the release date for The Last Jedi on home video is 27th March 2018.

This is just a quick Super Bowl Sunday post here to bring you news that Best Buy is now running ads that reveal the street date for Disney and Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K Ultra HD.

Announced today, the film will be released first on digital download on April 27th.

While Blu-ray, 4K Ultra HD and DVD copies go on sale on May 14th.

The date is 3/27, just as we’ve said here at The Bits for weeks now.

It seems reasonable to assume that the official announcement by the studio is close, so stay tuned.

And to think, the original Star Wars took 1828 days, from its release on 25th May 1977 until it was available for rental on 27th May 1982.

Today, Reel Gore gave us the exclusive first look at the packaging and details for the release of their first title, director Luigi Pastore’s remake of the vulgar German gore classic trilogy VIOLENT SHIT, which will be released in a limited 3-disc DVD, Blu-ray and CD set.

The film stars Giovanni Lombardo Radice (aka Italian exploitation legend John Morghen) as The Devil, who resurrects the monstrous killer Karl the Butcher and sets him off on a vile killing spree through the streets of Rome.

These versions will include the popular sing-along version, two hours of behind the scenes footage and music machine jukebox features.

Last week we broke the news about the birth of Reel Gore Releasing, the new extreme horror home video imprint co-founded by Cult Epics honcho Nico B and film producer Steve Aquilina from 8 Films.

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