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As cars were pushed to restart the event, a push truck climbed the left rear tire of Dues, the race leader. We will be enforcing a 1400 pound minimum weight rule with the driver after the race. Wings must be flat tops with a maximum 2" wickerbill. I felt like I hit a really good groove coming off turn two every lap.

Dues was allowed to roll to the pit area where a series official was present to make sure that the only work done was replacing the broken left rear shock. Hoosier Tires are the official tire and the right rear only must be the national H series tires. The left rear and front tires are open to any Hoosier brand race tire. As long as I could keep the car rotated with the nose down on the track I could really get on the throttle coming off the corner carrying it into three and then all the momentum through turn four.

As the laps wound down, the lead duo caught the back markers. As with ALL BOSS events, any car competing in the evening who fails to start the main event will get 0 tow money. The track started out with moisture but halfway through it slicked off.

Both young men were hungry for their first career tour wins and once past the white flag, all their cards were thrown on the table. 41-Cole Ketcham[22] Mother nature has scored wins in 2 of the first 3 events now for the Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series. As we have done for 7 years, payout for the A-Main will be by Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series checks. I was good in the middle of one and two and at the top of three and four, the race track just went away, and then the car went away at the end.

Justin Owen dropped to 4th and Joe Liguori ran a consistent event to round out the top 5. A trio of USAC midget events were held here from 1991 to 1996 won by Mike Streicher, Dan Drinan and Tony Elliott. In stepped the new owner and promoter, Bill Lupinos, a native of New York. Cars that transfer through their heat race will earn their fastest qualifying lap time back for the main event. For sprint car fans, this weekend's event could be a paradise. The two B-Mains were nailed down by Tyler Hewitt and Dane Lorenc.

The rest of the top 10 included Ty Tilton, Ted Hines, Lee Underwood, Dustin Smith and Chad Wilson. Lupinos and his staff have been hard at work returning Richmond Raceway to glory and BOSS is proud to bring sprint cars back to the bad little Kentucky bullring. Adult general admission is while kids age 6-12 is . This will be a complete show for BOSS non wing sprints, and the track's regular divisions for modifieds, super stocks and 4 cylinders. Jay Dunaway[8] B-Main: Cancelled after 4 of the 26 cars scratched after heats A-Main (25 Laps, Inversion of 6 fastest qualifiers): 1. Non transfer cars will run a B-Main event which lines up based on heat race finishes. Joining the "Last True Outlaws" of the BOSS traditional non wing sprints will be the FAST 410 winged sprint cars and the FAST 305 winged sprint cars in a showdown versus the 360's! Scotty Weir set Fast Time with a blistering lap of, 12.320.1.22S-Scotty Weir, 12.320; 2.69R-Dallas Hewitt, 12.371; 3.53-Steve Little, 12.438; 4.97X-Tyler Hewitt, 12.486; 5.40-Dave Darland, 12.505; 6.21P-Carmen Pergo21, 12.521; 7.57-Shane Cottle, 12.526; 8.44-Michael Fischesser, 12.537; 9.42-Ty Tilton, 12.562; 10.23S-Kyle Simon, 12.624; 11.24-Landon Simon, 12.658; 12.21K-Kody Swanson, 12.674; 13.77-Dustin Smith, 12.714; 14.2DI-Dustin Ingle, 12.799; 15.54-Matt Westfall, 12.803; 16.21H-Travis Hery, 12.815; 17.74-Drew Rader, 12.842; 18.19-Matt Cooley, 12.868; 19.9N-Luke Hall, 12.879; 20.9G-Cody Gardner, 12.939; 21.39-Matt Goodnight, 12.969; 22.9X-Cooper Clouse, 12.985; 23.24L-Lee Underwood, 12.999; 24.4J-Justin Owen, 13.014; 25.87-Paul Dues, 13.015; 26.59J-Kirk Jeffries, 13.053; 27.e99-Gage Etgen, 13.073; 28.91X-Aaron Middaugh, 13.075; 29.14-Chad Wilson, 13.166; 30.18K-Todd Keen, 13.191; 31.41-Brad Wyatt, 13.194; 32.08-Andy Feil, 13.244; 33.32M-Derek Hasting, 13.425; 34.5-Bob Mc Millin, 13.504; 35.18W-Travis Welpott, 13.610; 36.17-Kevin Myers, 13.634; 37.31L-Buddy Lowther, 13.648; 38.3-Joe Butero, 13.665; 39.1J-Jeremy Shambaugh, 13.682; 40.39G-Dane Lorenc, 13.777; 41.96-Riley Van Hise, 13.854; 42.51-Curtis Muhlenkamp, 13.973; 43.82-Mike Miller, 99.991;1.

Cooley was able to blast by into the lead in turn one and two and appeared headed for certain victory with less than a half lap to go. This weekend, the tour will make history with a doubleheader weekend at Richmond Raceway in Kentucky. The debut of the newest wing sprint car racing promises to bring what MAY be the most exciting format in the business. Then we got into that heavy traffic there at the end, whatever that kids name is there at the end he did a hell of a job, I was sailing around there till I lost the track, finished Darland.

As he cautiously worked traffic into turn 3, Dues found the magic to throw it into 3 a little harder. This will mark the first time the series has visited the Bluegrass state and will be the first ever traditional wingless sprint car events in the track's storied 52 year history. Cars will draw into hot lap / heat race groups and will group qualify. 9G-Cody Gardener[17]After losing the scheduled season opener two weeks ago to mother nature, the Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series is ready to get 2018 underway this Saturday, May 5th at Fremont Speedway. We were not very good the first couple laps, but when we got that yellow I could adjust the right rear shock a little and it got better, said Simon.

The Sunday show found 21 cars signed in for battle. For teams competing, as always there are no fees of any kind to run with BOSS. Once the A-Main provisional lineup is set, the night's fastest qualifier (who transferred through the heats) will pull a pill of 0, 4, 6 or 8 for the A-Main inversion. The 2014 series champion, Mike Miller from Wapakoneta, Ohio, plans a full time assault on the tour in hopes of making it a 3 way tie with a repeat championship. The first 2 heat races featured last lap passes for the wins. These events will pay the standard BOSS purse for both programs. The only cars eligible for the inversion MUST have transferred out of their heats. Last year's 4th and 5th place points drivers, Chad Little and Steve Little, are also returning to chase the 2018 crown. Lee Underwood took TCB Speed heat race #1 and Bill Rose stole Lias Tire/American Racer heat race #2. Previous night's runner-up, Matt Cooley, gave the Sunday fans a thrill. Lots of heat race and bonus awards up for grabs and are posted at the bottom of this press release. The best the B-Main winner can start from (even if he was fast time) is the first car BEHIND the inversion. As always, a full 15 teams and drivers plan to follow the tour full time. Other drivers returning full time include Paul Dues, Matt Cooley, Cody Gardner, Bob Mc Millen, Buddy Lowther, Kirk Jeffries, Joe Liguori and Carmen Perigo. At the halfway mark, the top 5 were Dues, Owen, Fischesser, Cooley and a hard charging Dallas Hewitt who had started 11th. A tangle in turn one brought out the yellow flag as Cody Gardner spun, taking Mike Miller with him. Meanwhile, as cars slowed down the front stretch, Dallas Hewitt made contact with Michael Fischesser and Steve Little also got a piece of the melee. Special activities are planned and many race cars will be on display on the midway before the races. Once I stopped making those mistakes I got it going. Limaland Motorsports Park welcomed the fans, drivers, and teams through the gates Friday night as the Keysor family honored their own with the 16th Annual Keysor Memorial. All 3 involved in the front stretch incident were eliminated and all drivers were okay. For competing teams, there are NEVER any membership or entry fees with BOSS. Dave was getting through lapped traffic a little bit better than me so I just had to watch what he was doing and figure out how to be fast.

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In Hoosier Racing Tire heat race #2, Cody Gardner also won from the number 4 starting spot. The traveling tour began in 2011 on the same highbanks of what was then known as K-C Raceway. Now five to go and Rader cut the deficit in half as he continued to carry the momentum and Darland stayed busy with heavy lap traffic. The race appeared to be going to run caution free for the 2nd straight night as action stayed clean and green to the halfway point where it was Smith, Swanson, Owen, Little and now 9th starting Chad Wilson sneaking into the top 5. Shane Cottle would lead from wire to wire but felt a last lap charge from Tipp City, Ohio's Landon Simon in the Mt Baker Vapor No.

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