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My brother and myself plus a couple of mates would spread ourselves on the living room floor, those not actually ‘racing’ were the marshals, it was their job to place the cars back on the circuit if they came off … We both thought it was the best thing since sliced bread ! When their inventor, “Freddie” Francis (who sadly died of cancer in 1998), added an electric motor to these models they became Scalex -electric or Scalextric cars.Not sure if our parents agreed with that especially after about 3 hours of non stop racing ! These were first shown at the annual UK- Harrogate Toy Fair in 1957, the first set contained metal models of a blue Maserati and a green Ferrari and were an instant hit with the dealers.These cars were produced between 19 at the Brooklands Race Track site in Weybridge, part of which was already the site of the Vickers factory.

Although Scalextric remains based in the UK, most of the products are now made in China.

Special track includes several different styles of chicane, cross-over tracks, crossroad track and humpback bridges. There’s nothing I like better when the winds blowing a gale outside and the rain is lashing against the window pane than sitting down in a comfortable armchair with a glass of something strong and one of my Billy Bunter ‘yellow jacket’ books.

However, having read my Cassell and Skilton books many times over, I began to look more closely at the illustrations they contained. Macdonald it depicted Billy Bunter batting in the practice match that had been arranged especially for him.

To do so would take forever, so I am concentrating my efforts from its inception until around 2000 or so.

My brother and myself had a set given to us as our main Christmas present when I was about 10 or 11 years old, which would have been way back in the early 1960′s or so.

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