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To grant the proposed change, the court must agree that it fits the child's best interests.

This could mean that there is a big change in parent's work schedule or a change in the child's level of safety in a parent's home.

In Idaho, being a member of the military or being called to duty is not considered to be a great change in circumstance for a parent, so this would not affect parent’s chance of being granted custodial rights.

At the beginning of every case, Idaho child custody laws favor joint custody.

On the other hand, a child support order can be modified in certain instances such as if there is a large change in a parent's level of income, or if there is a change in a parent's ability to work.

In any case in which some aspect of the agreement must be changed, it can only be done by a court order.

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You should educate yourself on child custody laws in Idaho so that you are prepared for your case.

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