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To start with it hurt, but it began feeling nice; I felt the banana getting slick with my juices, felt it fill my tight pussy, and then hesitantly, I withdrew it.Next I turned around, showing the camera my anus, I bent over so my master would get the best view I could offer.

I began dressing up in little skirts, fishnets and strappy tops and taking photos (a lot of the time close ups of my ass with a lot of my ass exposed) to post on the net, and eventually I posted some.

or tight holes for that matter' Horrified I thought, I am going to have to stick one of these up my ass!

I gulped, but I am a submissive slut so I carried on. 'Insert one of those bananas slowly into your little pussy, move it in and out until it begins to feel nice and you get wet, then you are to ensure that the banana is lubricated enough with your pussy juices and stick that banana slowly up your ass hole' I spread my legs real wide, ensuring my pussy was in full view of the camera, and I plunged the banana slowly inside of me, in and out it went.

I would send these pictures to any guy who requested it on the net for an hour or two, pictures clearly displaying my tits, pictures of my pussy, pictures of anything and all I wanted in return was to be commanded to do whatever they wished.

I must stop to tell you, at this age I was happily going out with someone; for over a year I was with a guy, but the relationship always missed what I wanted - a man who would basically, well treat me like a slut in the bedroom.

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  1. Lets hope that day isnt too long away and Bogle will come back and show us the rest; I have a bit of convincing to do! Harry isnt sure he wants to do nude shots, but since he has such a great body and personality I thought I would share these.