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And I think somehow, in his own mind, he divorces all that from other aspects of life.

But a good father, a good husband, a good community man, all of those things fit Pete Brownell.’And guns have dominated Brownell’s life since birth.

(At one point, he lived in Broward County, the very site of the February 14 high school shooting tragedy.)He returned to Iowa in 1996 and began working again with the family business, becoming vice president in 2000.

In the meantime, he met and married California teacher Helen Redmond; they had a shared love of the outdoors and actually met hiking Mount Rainier.

Bob’s son, Frank – Pete’s father – joined the business in 1964, and in 1973 the company moved into its first purpose-build facility.

Brownell did not respond to requests for comment from Daily, but he’s made his feelings about the Second Amendment known in previous interviews.Because he’s not just the third-generation head of a family business; he’s the head of the world’s largest supplier of firearm accessories and gun parts. While the pro-gun organization has a more recognizable representative in the form of chief executive Wayne La Pierre – the flamboyant, hardline face of the NRA who argues for unrestricted Second Amendment rights – the group’s president is a much lesser-known figure.La Pierre has been everywhere in the wake of the Valentine’s Day school shooting in Florida, lashing out at ‘elites’ on the left and targeting specific politicians.‘The elites don’t care one whit about America’s school system and the school children,’ La Pierre said last week.They had fallen in love one year ago while on Rainier,’ their fellow climber wrote.While they may have a shared love of athletic pursuits, however, their politics may not be as aligned; records show that Redmond has donated to Democratic causes.

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