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To continue and perpetuate the vital work of love in the heart of the Church, a new beautiful Monastery of Discalced Carmelite Nuns is being constructed ( in the quiet rural farmland of Fairfield, Pennsylvania.

This beautiful new property will provide a fitting home for an interior blossoming of monastic life and will be ready to receive a constant stream of vocations zealous for God and His Church.

But I am also aware of a gaping problem that hardly anyone mentions. We are about to fall off a demographic cliff of priestly vocations. I rejoice in all of it…but still…the numbers are lacking.

Let’s take a look at priestly demographics: Here is table of the number of priests in the USA from 1930 to 2015: The number of priests exploded in 1950 (partly through migration) and peaked out in 1970.

My personal acquaintance with Bishop Conley (he helped guide me into the Catholic Church in 2006) is that he is orthodox, Thomistic, dignified, fatherly, and favors the template of Ratzinger’s “Spirit of the Liturgy.” And if I’m honest, every single impressive seminarian that I meet…is shaped from the same mold. Pray for holy bishops, holy priests, and holy seminarians!LEARN MORE UNDP is committed to ending poverty once and for all. That’s why we work to get to the root causes of poverty and create lasting change. Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles have pretty discouraging ratios, but none are hurting as badly as my neighboring diocese of Dallas: The Jesuits have declined 41.5% since 1977.The average age of a Jesuit priest in 2018 is 63.4 years old.

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A look back at the numbers shows a declining trend.

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