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I imagine she just turns up to each engagement, does her job and buzzes off to the next thing which, let’s be realistic, probably home improvements (more’s the pity).

I’m no supermodel, but I do know what it’s like to rush from job to job with barely time to breathe, honouring engagements put in your diary by your management team.

Slowly, she moved on to sites like BBW Dreams, which soon brought her to Bang Bros.

Even though Italia is a leader in the chubby-lover genre, she’s still got the energy and stamina for hardcore sport fucking.

Like any gorgeous Black honey, those tits have saucer-plate areolas and thick, juicy nips.

Italia got started in the industry as a nude model, posing for the website New York Chocolate Models.

You’ll get to look a bit like one of the black models we hardly ever book.” We all make mistakes.

Italia always rewards those cocks with her oral action and her thick-lipped vagina love.In the past, I have naively made the assumption that the organisations I am booked for would always be morally palatable. I once pulled out of a TV job because they wanted me to wear a belly-dancing outfit and wriggle out of an Ali Baba basket because, you know, I was born in Tehran and that’s what Persians do when we’re not weaving them flying carpets (I am being sarcastic. It’s what Arabians do.) But it’s not always clear what’s going on beneath the surface of a job and occasionally you find yourself becoming a part of something you did not choose to be.An undercover reporter exposed last year the horrific reality about the Presidents Club.They’ve blackened her hair and darkened her skin and, as is the current fashion, back-combed her eyebrows. It , though, and it looks like they’ve taken this fair-skinned, woman of American and Palestinian heritage, and tried to make her look more Michael Corleone.Interestingly, no one has complained about the gentleman behind Hadid in the photo, who seems to have been painted gold.

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