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The buildings in which we live and work have a tremendous impact on our global environment.Sustainability or "green building" seeks to balance resource efficiency, health, and social concerns throughout the life cycle of a structure.Annual inspection and repair of joints will minimize this potential.More importantly, if moisture does enter through joints, it will not damage the concrete.

The production of new building materials depletes natural resources and can produce air and water pollution.Good practice for all types of wall construction is to have permeable materials that breathe (are allowed to dry) on at least one surface and to not encapsulate concrete between two impermeable surfaces.Concrete will dry out if not covered by impermeable treatments.In addition, no previous method considered the grading of aggregate in SCC mixtures (fineness modulus of fine aggregate and maximum size of coarse aggregate) as in conventional concrete (CC) proportioning methods, making a need for numerous trial mixtures to adjust the fresh and hardened properties of SCC.Two well-known concrete mixture proportioning methods, the ACI 211.1 method for CC and the EFNARC method for SCC, were adopted to develop the new method.

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