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When I was younger and soaping was just a part-time job and hobby of mine, there were some really mean things said to me like “You’re too young, you don’t know what you’re doing, this craft won’t amount to anything…etc,” which is just horrible! The Hobby Lobby buying team found me at the America’s Mart trade show in Atlanta, GA during the January 2016 show.

Even one of my professors in college told me to “get a real job.” I took those comments with a grain of salt and kept going. Your products are now being sold in Hobby Lobby locations across the country. We work with a rep group and have our products in a permanent showroom at the mart so we are not in temporaries.

There are so many great resources on the web that help people prepare their craft for wholesale.

Doing a little Google search, reaching out to local boutiques with questions, attending trade shows, and making sure your pricing is right is all very important.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them and couldn’t have asked to work and continue to work with a better key retailer.

Can you tell us a little bit about the process of making such a massive order?

Well, one thing I did learn in business school is about demand and capacity of a business.

Then I asked her what the name of her store was and she handed me her business card. She said she was totally interested in our products and particularly because they are a give back item.

Revive Bath & Body specializes in natural cold process soaps and other products including body creams, bath soaks and more.

In addition to having great products, a portion of the proceeds go to Haven ATL; an organization in Atlanta that works to help women exiting trafficking.

I got the sales manager for my showroom who now manages her account.

Because of the rules of the showroom, I do interact with the buyer, but the sales manager does manage her account.

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