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As the affection grows between these two charming people with true dedication towards each other, the outcome of their oneness is a blend of earthy stability of love with warmth of passionate fire!The Virgo man understands the vulnerabilities of his lovely Sagittarius lady and becomes more expressive and attached to her and the Sagittarius woman also becomes stronger and firmer person without losing her natural spunk and elegance.He likes her devotion which stimulates his sensuality and then he feels free to expresses himself sexually.Their attraction for one another is there fascination with each other and the world around them.She herself is loyal and honest as long as she is with a man she is in love with. She has been bruised and broken many times by the people she once loved.

She wants to experiment sexually, as she finds it another part of relationship to be discovered on all levels.

For Virgo man making love is a serious matter which involves basic blend of emotions and bodies.

Sagittarius woman’s sexual experimentation is only for her and her Virgo man with whom she is in love with.

She provides passion and newness to the love making while he fills up the mood with devotion and stable exchange of mutual love that last longer and satisfies their bodies and souls completely.

Virgo man and Sagittarius woman are too scared to face the fact that their personalities may be too much for each other to handle.

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