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Let’s face it, sometimes the person you want is someone that your best friend is going out with. Well you really must NOT do anything when the couple of love birds are together, that is a no-no when it comes to the rules of dating and friendship.

But what about when the two go their separate ways…what to do then?

If they are worth it and ethical they will understand! So how long should you leave it until you make a move. After all ex’s often get back together again within weeks of “breaking up“.

You need to leave it at least a couple of months for this period of potential re-engagement to pass.

Regardless of what you do, be sensitive to your friend’s feelings.

Here are some researched and apparently proven successful ways to go about getting involved with your friend’s ex!

First of all before we go about how you manage dating your friend’s ex, lets look at time frames.

At least give it a cooling off period before you make that move of asking your friend’s ex out.

Otherwise it will look like you were just waiting for the first opportunity to pounce on the friend’s ex.

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The two of you can make an active choice to avoid running into your friend and their ex!

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