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Cons It's an ugly gaping hole of a company, devoid of morals, utterly fake and pretentious in every respect, obscene management who don't know how to manage, holier than thou attitude, terrible pay, no standards and the absolute rubbish if work. The reason why people are posting negative reviews on here is not because they were bad at their job but because they felt as though their talents and abilities had been taken advantage of by a third rate, amateur "sales" company who favour a select few at the inner circle but who treat the remaining 99% of their staff like dirt.

Maybe because I'm very good at the job but I know some people who really have not been good and have been given so many chances to reach their targets. Again, I'm good at sales so earn around £11/hr.

I guess if you're not good at the job you may find it a bit monotonous.

Advice to Management Most people come and go which is probably the main reason behind the pay, however more pay and job security for those staff who have worked at the company for a long time would be an obvious improvement.

Loyalty and talent don't seem to be noticed/rewarded like they should - some supervisors and other staff are genuinely talented. Cons I think it's fair to people who want to find out about this company to point out that all the good reviews posted here are absolutely fake.

The managers try and gloss over the cracks with competitions where you can win a bottle of wine.Cons The majority of the work is sales but they do seem to be getting more customer service type work in from what I have seen.The work can be monotonous but I guess that's what it's like in a call centre and you're making calls for the same company everyday.Pros Where part time and full time employment integrates effortlessly with shift flexibility, within an PAYE office environment. Minimum of four shifts, and maximum of seven shifts per week. Ideal for independent creatives, that may need the flexibility of time off to pursue their own vocational opportunities. I worked here for 4 years and I can categorically assure you that the last thing this company is is flexible.In house professional employment agency to assist performer employees with professional auditions. On the contrary they make you feel guilty about taking time off.

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I got no sense of value when I left, and I realised that, despite the fake smiles and hugs from my supervisor, I ultimately meant NOTHING to this company.

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