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Silver's deadpan tough-guy opportunism served the show well in the third season as Bartlet ran for re-election and needed an outsider to keep his message in line.

Then, after Silver made a very public political switch and became a prominent George W.

Toscano's arc ends at the assassination of the season one finale, but every subsequent Secret Service character felt like it was building off of her.

– DSSignature Episodes: "What Kind of Day Has It Been?

Her flirty banter with Leo is great, but never makes her seem slight or unformidable.

Played By: Ron Silver Number of Episodes: 18Here's that rare Sorkin recurring character who actually comes back, and for good reason.

We'll pause as you absorb how long you've been without Jed Bartlet and his merry band in your life.

Doesn't it feel like just yesterday we all fell in love with Aaron Sorkin's bastion of liberal idealism wrapped up in fast-paced dialogue usually said while walking?

– KOSignature Episode: “Bartlet for America,” her introductory installment." is told, a little bit, through Gina's keen eyes as she spots the shooters, not quickly enough, who give us our first-season cliffhanger. But that’s why Sheila, played subtly and expertly by Patricia Richardson, stands out.Played By: Patricia Richardson Number of Episodes: 9You’d be forgiven for allowing the campaign staff members in the last two seasons to blend together a bit. She’s a close friend and confidante to Arnie Vinick, matching his fairly moderate politics and reminding him of his humanity on the trail.As we rapidly approach major milestones for a lot of significant and spectacular shows, we've been preparing something special for you.We'll show you more next week, but as a little preview, we're honoring the characters of with our signature definitive ranking. Join us as we remember and rank 114 characters from the series. Her entire backstory as a Hollywood publicist who doesn’t seem to know much about Hollywood or publicity never made one lick of sense.

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She was brilliant, and Close made her so much more.

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