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Over the next 20 years, he worked his way up the BBC hierarchy becoming, in 1965, the first controller of BBC2 where he commissioned an extraordinary variety of programmes, from cultural classics such as Kenneth Clark's Civilisation and Jacob Bronowski's The Ascent of Man, through iconic comedy by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore and The Likely Lads, to Match of the Day and televised snooker. But in 1972, just as he was being widely tipped to be the next director general, he quit to return to programme-making. While never entirely abandoning acting, Richard moved first into production with the 1961 classic Whistle Down the Wind and then, in 1969, he made his first film as director, Oh! It launched a career whose highlights include Young Winston (1972), A Bridge Too Far (1977), Gandhi (1982), A Chorus Line (1985) and Cry Freedom (1987). David launched himself into pioneering an new style of nature programme, writing and presenting nine major series.

For eight years he narrated BBC 1's half-hour nature series Wildlife on One.

If I had not had the beginning I did, if I had not known Irene and Helga, I doubt that I would have had the passion and the determination to demonstrate these feelings through my work." There is a high moral intuition at the core of David's vision too.

In his early years, he was criticised by some environmentalists who claimed he gave a false picture of idyllic wilderness and minimised the threat posed to it by rapacious humans.

"My parents said, 'This is what we would like, but we won't do it without the agreement of you boys, because they are going to become your sisters'." Compassion, their parents taught them, was not a theory.

"From the age of 14 on, I have always believed that no man can live as an island.

It set a pattern for what was to follow: The Living Planet, Lost Worlds, Vanished Lives, The Private Life of Plants, The Lost Gods of Easter Island, The Song of the Earth and The Blue Planet.Their mother was in a concentration camp, and their father likely to be." The boys' parents wanted to ask their children whether they would agree to adopt the girls.It would strain the family finances and holidays and other treats would have to be reduced.When Richard and David Attenborough were boys, a Red Indian chief named Grey Owl came to give a lecture in Leicester where they lived. "My brother, Dave, got the book signed and marched out with it under his arm and I've never been able to get that book off him to this day.Actually, he was not a Native American but an out-of-work merchant seaman from Hastings who had gone to Canada where he pretended to be an Indian and became one of the world's first conservation pioneers. "When the curtains went back there stood this Red Indian, looking about 10ft tall, in a full war bonnet," says Dickie. Possession is nine tenths of the law, and the bugger won't give it to me." David, the younger by three years, has a different recollection.

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But as the years have passed, a sense of judgement and of indignation has encroached.

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