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“When I’m doing a movie, I’m not doing anything else. His eighth film, “The Hateful Eight,” was released in December 2015.

In an excerpt from her new autobiography, “Every Day I’m Hustling,” Vivica A.

v=z_w O295vx Xc A behind the scenes look as Zoë Bell preps and shoots the fight between The Bride and O-Ren Ishii, doubled by Ming Liu.

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“I was so proud of all that our team had accomplished.

I was sitting between cute little Lucy and sweet Uma, and I was ready for a high-five for all of us,” she recalled. Something about us lollygagging in the morning, taking too long to suit up and gabbing over coffee. He doesn’t mean anything by it, it’s just how he gets down.” Fox said she had only the highest praise for Thurman.

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