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For example, the following critical records are frequently sampled by FDA inspectors and should be carefully stored, organized and monitored: FDA inspectors are not permitted to review records of your management reviews, internal audit records and supplier records.However, all three records will be sampled by certification bodies and therefore these three records exempt from the requirements of To address the third of the generic procedural updates, you should be aware that the new EU Medical Device Regulations are expected to increase the required record retention period for non-implant devices from 5 years to 10 years. In addition to the generic procedural updates, there are three changes in the Standard that are specific to control of records.Does your company have a policy regarding whether you prefer drivers make needed edits, or company staff?Should you consider how quickly edits must be made?If a mechanic or other non-driver moves a truck on a yard (or on a highway to road test a truck), and doesn’t log in to the ELD device, the ELD label the person as an “unidentified driver”, and it will capture the time as “unassigned driving time.” Does your company have a policy on non-drivers moving trucks on a yard, or on the road?

There is a three year transition period, and you decided to do it next year. Some of the procedures were already updated last year, but just like you I decided to finish the work next year.

Each one of these “unassigned driving time” events must be reviewed by the driver of that truck during his/her next login, and that time must either be accepted or rejected by the driver.

If the driver rejects the time, the rules require carrier staff to review all “unassigned driving time” events, and assign them to the appropriate driver, or explain in a note on the ELD record why it is unassigned.

CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER Department Autonumber Trigger 2 BEFORE INSERT ON Department 3 FOR EACH ROW 4 BEGIN 5 SELECT Department IDSeq. Department ID FROM DUAL; 7 END; 8 / Trigger created.

SQL CREATE or replace PROCEDURE Update Department 2 (Dept ID IN integer, 3 Department Name IN varchar2, 4 Department Description IN varchar2) 5 6 AS 7 BEGIN 8 UPDATE Department 9 SET Name = Department Name, 10 Description = Department Description 11 WHERE Department ID = Dept ID; 12 END; 13 / Procedure created.

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