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“Auspicious” is a word you’ll keep coming across in Hong Kong during Chinese New Year.

Have yourself a hearty, auspicious CNY dinner at Ho Lee Fook, a restaurant whose name translates as “good fortune for your mouth”.

It's better to have a place to stay than nowhere to stay,' she stressed.

But he said it is 'ridiculous' to live in a place no different to the size of a bathroom. You can't even move in the flat, what's the point for it?

Ms Wong was slammed by web users for letting out such a small space as a flat.'Is she so money-deprived that she had to rent this tiny place up?

Hong Kong goes all-out – and there’s nothing quite like landing in one of the most fascinating cities in the world and becoming part of the celebrations.

If you’ve made it that far, these are the top 10 ways you should celebrate.

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