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Then, on your last day, after the PT does your discharge, you could persue the dating possibility.

we got sandwiches and went to a little park down the street, chatted for a while, and wound up making out in the park. It could reflect negatively on her to be dating a current 'patient', I wouldn't go there, and its only a couple weeks anyways.How would I find out if she is seeing anybody or not?If not, how would I go about asking her to dinner while carefully avoiding damaging her integrity in the workplace?We have ethical codes set by our professional organization that say don't get involved with patients. If I were be caught violating "sexual misconduct" laws in NJ, I could lose my license and/or be brought up on legal charges.There is also a time period past patient discharge (I forget if it is 6 mos or a year) where this still applies.

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Forget you like her, forget she is drop dead gorgeous, she just likes the same baseball team you like, you suggest coffee the same way you'd suggest it to a male friend of yours.

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