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Initial Iomega products connected to a computer via SCSI or parallel port; later models used USB and Fire Wire (1994).

Lenovo EMC's current product portfolio includes network-attached storage products, external hard drives, multimedia drives, and removable storage technology.

The company said it would clearly instruct users about the risks of unsecured data.

making Iomega the SOHO/SMB arm of the world’s largest storage company.

This facility will be dedicated to enterprise software and supporting Lenovo EMC's development of high-end servers and cloud storage.

Construction will cost 0 million and about 100 will be employed at the facility.

The 400d is powered by an Intel Atom processor running at 2.13 gigahertz, has 2 gigabytes of RAM, and has a SATA3 controller capable of moving data at 6 gigabits per second. The HDMI-out function enables monitoring live feeds from surveillance cameras.The unit can be set up and managed without a PC using an external display, keyboard, and mouse.The 400d is Lenovo EMC's first product sold with its Life Line 4.1 software, which adds functions such as a domain mode, enhanced Active Directory support and a more robust SDK.This problem, combined with competition from CD-RW drives, caused Zip Drive sales to decline dramatically, despite later efforts to introduce larger 250MB and 750MB disk versions. Without the revenue from its proprietary storage cartridges, Iomega's sales and profits declined considerably.Iomega's stock price, which was over 0 at its high in the '90s, dipped to around in the mid-2000s.

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