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In the morning on the tenth of October Vlad and his mother are talking in the kitchen. Just take the carrot and four or five potatoes, put them into the pot, boil them for about half an hour. As a rule, they carry most of the same types of products, but in smaller quantity and less variety.

He is a student at an English college and studies mathematics. Learning things can be the most exciting aspect of a hobby. His friends are coming to his place and they are going to have a party.

I went jogging last year but then I have become «lazier and Alexei uses every chance to mock at me. My father gives me a lift to the college in his car. I arrive at my college just in time to say hello to my fellow-students before the bell goes. I think that writing tests in grammar is more difficult than speaking English. During the breaks we go to the gym and play a round or two of basketball or volleyball. Soon my father and brother arrive and we have dinner together. They usually carry a very limited selection of goods and brands.

We have scrambled eggs and bacon, a cup of tea and sandwiches. I think it is right time to introduce my family members to you. I tell him that I will have read the book by the end of the week. We go to the canteen and have a roll and a cup of juice. Sometimes I go to the library to study there, but today I don't. Now I think that she is not only the most beautiful girl, but also the best friend. She is still a schoolgirl; she is leaving school this year. In most places, the sales tax is from 5 to 10 per cent of the price of goods you buy. Here you will be offered a menu with a good choice of food and beverages.

I go to a technical college and I don’t have much free time. I have got already 4 albums with photos and my friends like to watch them when they come to my place.

We have been friends with Vlad for quite a long time to learn a thing or two about his tastes, haven't we? Not long ago my parents gave me an expensive and very good camera for a present and I spent a lot of time looking for interesting pictures. When we go hiking or walk in the town I always have my camera with me.

Stepan is a fanny slim little guy with brown hair and a snub nose.Then there is one more period, which is Mathematics. You should pay the sales tax for many non-food items, such as technical equipment, books, records, household products, appliances, cameras and films. For dinner at full service restaurants you will pay from $ 10 in a less expensive restaurant to $ 50. They may have a business lunch or dinner in this type of restaurants. Then peel and dice them, thpn put all them into that blue bowl. They often have a wide variety of dairy products, cereals, bread and baked goods, prepared, canned and frozen food, ice cream and desserts, paper products, film and much more. Prices are usually marked on the packages or on signs near the goods. Prices are usually similar to those in the supermarkets.On Sundays a so-called brunch is common, which is in fact a combination of breakfast and lunch. In Great Britain one can find a lot of restaurants with a national cuisine – Italian, Chinese e. Vlad's sister Nina and her husband Boris now have got a new apartment.They are really happy: they have been renting an apartment for quite a long time and saving money to buy a new one. Their apartment is located not far from the centre, near the park, and a walkable distance from Nina's parents' place, so her parents and brothers can come to visit them quite often.

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President Bill Clinton, for example, plays the saxophone.

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