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Allowing anti-GMO activists to dictate policymaking on biotechnology is like putting homeopaths in charge of the health service, or asking anti-vaccine campaigners to take the lead in eradicating polio.I believe the time has now come for everyone with a commitment to the primacy of the scientific method and evidence-based policy-making to decisively reject the anti-GMO conspiracy theory and to work together to begin to undo the damage that it has caused over the last decade and a half.Officials say that sex dolls fall under a constitutional law against making, owning, importing, selling or displaying "obscene matters or things" - punishable with a maximum prison term of five years.No shops openly sell them in Zambia, though they are available from international internet suppliers.The action has propelled the issue of sex dolls to the top of the news agenda and made them a hot topic of conversation and debate on social media, dividing opinion in the largely conservative southern African country."Being a Christian nation, obviously we are anchored in Christian principles and one of the values is morality and ethics," Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili told AFP.Selling or using a sex doll is against Zambian law, she said, vowing to ensure they are not bought on the internet and imported."The use of sex dolls is definitely in contradiction to our natural heritage and our principles," Sumaili added."The law actually forbids anybody to trade (in) and to use such objects - and so this is why we are saying for Zambians that this is a very unnatural thing."'A lifeless object' The minister said the ban was necessary after media reports emerged of sex dolls being imported into Zambia, apparently from Asia. In recent months, Zambia's independent and semi-official press have devoted many column inches to reports of sex shops popping up around the capital Lusaka selling sex dolls, as well as chronicling the backlash.His life is now in danger after exposing a lady on the photo by the name of Jane Daka who is allegedly getting money from men promising to hook them up with hot girls, sugar mummies.Jane is on Facebook as Jane sugarmummie connector Zambians and uses a Whats App line 260 974 506 171.

“My appeal to all my brothers here is don’t try to have anything to do with these wicked women like Jane Daka and the friends if you do you will cry.” Jane is alleged to have been angered by this expose especially after receiving a number of inquiries from members of the Zambian Eye She is alleged to have sent the following messages on Whats App to Sibanda: “Wembwa u ll die soon one evin locate ur workin place.” “Remove any post nd stay under de earth.

Lusaka - No one sells them openly, no one admits to owning one, and no one has been arrested - but Zambia is waging a fierce campaign against sex dolls.

The government launched the crackdown on the sex toys last month, threatening offenders with heavy jail terms over the dolls which, it says, are "very unnatural".

Millions, possibly billions, of people have come to believe what is essentially a conspiracy theory, generating fear and misunderstanding about a whole class of technologies on an unprecedentedly global scale.

This matters enormously because these technologies – in particular the various uses of molecular biology to enhance plant breeding potential – are clearly some of our most important tools for addressing food security and future environmental change.

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The Patriots for Economic Progress (PEP) - a fringe liberal party in Zambia - claims the government's attitude to sex dolls reflects its increasingly authoritarian tendencies under President Edgar Lungu."The argument that the Bible does not allow the use of any objects is wrong," said PEP party chief Sean Tembo."The same Bible encourages free will and it will be wrong to send someone to prison for choosing to use sex dolls.

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