Observablecollection not updating datagrid

If you are actually developing for Surface, be sure to check out the , I would highly recommend it as a foundation for this article.The Loop Panel Sample Application To give you a better understanding of the panel examined within this post, you can run this Click Once Loop Panel sample application.Using this approach, the Offset property simply specifies the of the panel’s children.

Microsoft Surface was first publicly unveiled a couple of years ago.This means that if the Offset animates from 6 to 7, the child’s location animates by its entire extent.Then the child at index 7 becomes the pivotal child.(Yes, I could have published an XBAP sample, but I was not willing to give up the glow effect used for the selected character…which is, incidentally, achieved using a Drop Shadow Effect in the new effects pipeline.) Even in the new pipeline, Drop Shadow Effect is a rather expensive effect because it requires multiple passes.

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