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Why do you believe that in the West we do not know of Shambhala?“Lama, upon my very table you may see the Kalachakra, the Teaching brought by the great Atticha from India.We know how another visitor saw a caravan of hill-people with salt from the lakes, on the very borders of Shambhala.Moreover, we ourselves have seen a white frontier post of one of the three outposts of Shambhala.We know that quite recently a young Mongolian lama issued a new book about Shambhala.” The Lama studies us with his piercing glance. How and why do you earthly people take interest in it?Then he says: “Great Shambhala is far beyond the ocean. Only in some places, in the Far North, can you discern the resplendent rays of Shambhala.” “Lama, we know the greatness of Shambhala. But we also know about the reality of the earthly Shambhala.

And in this link, the two worlds are unified.” The Lama becomes silent.In “Shambhala” Roerich has recorded the way of his journey through Central Asia and Tibet in the terms of spirit.It is a record of legends, of parables, of notes—the very substance of which the larger reality is composed, and all revealing different facets of the theme of Shambhala.I know that if a high spirit, already prepared, hears a voice proclaiming it is the call to Shambhala. We know the book of the High Priest, T’aishan —‘The Red Path to Shambhala.’ We even know the Mongolian song about Shambhala.Who knows—perhaps we even know many things new to you.

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