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Nor do these policies actually aid survivors of trafficking in the sex industry.Instead they often lead to survivors deported, detained, or struggling with open criminal records.But efforts to combat sex work under the guise of trafficking are often counterproductive to their stated purpose.What is new, and alarming, is the precedent this sets.

American Express had already pulled out earlier in the year.

Preventing these workers from being able to advertise makes it more likely for them to be driven onto the streets, into the hands of pimps or managers, or simply into more desperate poverty.

Politicians may not see this as an issue, but all of us should.

He and his department, working closely with anti-sex work organizations such as Demand Abolition, have spearheaded initiatives such as the National Day of Johns Arrests, making hundreds of prostitution-related arrests over a period of years.

In 2009, Dart sued Craigslist in an effort to have that site remove its adult ads.

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