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(2) On such application being made, the Court may, after making; such inquiry, if any, as it thinks fit, if it is of opinion that any further particulars or documents are necessary in order that full information may be obtained regarding the origin, nature or objects of the wakf or the condition or management of the wakf property, cause to be served on the mutwalli an order requiring him to furnish such particulars or documents within such time as the Court may direct in the order. in the case of a wakf the gross income of which during the year in question, after deduction of the land-revenue and cesses, if any, payable to the Government, exceeds two thousand rupees, by a person who is the holder of a certificate granted by the [Federal Government] under section 144 of the Indian Companies Act, 1913 (VII of 1913), or is a member of any institution or association the members of which have been declared under that section to be entitled to act as auditors of companies throughout the 7. and extended to the Excluded Area of Upper Tanawal (N. 8 and the Central Laws (Statue Reform) Ordinance, 1960 (21 of 1960), s.Mutwalli entitled to pay cost of audit, etc., from wakf funds.- Notwithstanding anything contained in the deed or instrument creating any wakf every Mutwalli may pay from the income of the pa wakf property any expenses properly incurred by him for the purpose of enabling him to furnish any particulars, documents or copies under section 3 or section 4 or in respect of the preparation or audit of the annual accounts for the purposes of this Act. Verification.- Every statement of particulars furnished under section 3 or section 4every statement of accounts furnished under section 5, shall be written in the language of the Court to which it is furnished, and shall be verified in the manner provided in the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908, for the signing and verification of pleadings. Inspection and copies.- Any person shall, with the permission of the Court and on payment of the prescribed fee, at any time at which the Court is open, an be entitled to inspect in the prescribed manner, or to obtain a copy of, any statement of particulars or any document furnished to the Court under section 3 or section 4, or any statement of accounts furnished to it under section 5, or any audit report made on an audit under section 6. In this Act, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context,--- (a)mutwalli means any person appointed either verbally or under any deed or instrument by which a wakf has been created or by a Court of competent jurisdiction to be the mutwalli of a wakf, and includes a naib-mutwalli or other person appointed by a mutwalli to perform the duties of the mutwalli, and, save as otherwise provided in this Act, any person who is for the time being administering any wakf property; (d)[Muslim] Wakf Validating Act, 1913, under which any benefit is for the time 6 being claimable for himself by the person by whom the wakf was created or by any of his family or descendants. Obligation to furnish particulars relating to wakf.-(1) Within six months from the commencement of this Act every mutwalli shall furnish to the Court within the local limits of whose jurisdiction the property of the wakf of which he is the Mutwalli is situated or to any one of two more such Courts, a statement containing the following particulars, namely:--- (a) a description of the wakf property sufficient for the identification thereof; (b) the gross annual income from such property; (c) the gross amount of such income which has been collected during the five years preceding the date on which the statement is furnished, or of the period which has elapsed since the creation of the wakf, whichever period is shorter; (d) the amount of the Government revenue and cesses, and of all rents, annually payable in respect of the wakf property; (e) an estimate of the expenses annually incurred in the realisation of the income of the wakf property, based on such details as are available of any such expenses incurred within the period to which the particulars under clause (c) relate; (f) the amount set apart under the wakf for,--- (i) the salary of the mutwalli and allowances to individuals; (ii) purely religious purposes; (iii) charitable purposes; (iv) any other purposes; and (g) any other particulars which may be prescribed. (Upper Tanawal) (Excluded Area) Laws Regulation, 1950.(3) Where,--- (a)in the case of a wakf such as is described in section 3 of the Wakf Validating Act, 1913, (VI of 1913) the person creating the wakf or any member of his family or any of his descendants is at the commencement of this Act alive and entitled to claim any benefit thereunder, the statement referred to in sub-section (1) shall be furnished, in the case referred to in clause (a), within six months of the date on which the wakf is created or, if it has been created by a written document, of the date on which such document is executed, or, in the case referred to in clause (b), within six months of the date of the death of the person entitled to such benefit as aforesaid' or of the last survivor of any such persons, as the case may be. Publication of particulars and requisition of further particulars.-(l) When any statement has been furnished under section the Court shall cause notice of the furnishing thereof to be affixed in some conspicuous place in the Court-house and to be published in such other manner, if any, as may be prescribed, and thereafter an' person may apply to the Court by a petition in writing, accompanies by the prescribed fee, for the issue of an order requiring the mutwalli to furnish further particulars or documents. Within three months after the thirty-first day of March next following the date on which the statement referred to in section 3 has been furnished, and thereafter within three months of the thirty first day of March in every year, every mutwalli shall prepare and furnish to the Court to which such statement was furnished a full and true statement of accounts, in such form and containing such particulars as may be prescribed, of all moneys received or expended by him on behalf of the wakf of which he is the mutwalli during the period of twelve months ending on such thirty-first day of March or, as the case may be, during that portion of the said period during which the provisions of this Act have been applicable to the wakf:--- Provided that the Court may, if it is satisfied that there is sufficient cause for so doing, extend the time allowed for the furnishing of any statement of accounts under this section. P.) other than Phulera with effect from such date and subject to such modifications as may be notified, see N. O., 1949, the Federal Laws (Revision and Declaration) Act, 1951 (26 of 1951), s.Section 158BG, 158BH and 158BI of Income Tax Act 1961 What are Legal representatives? that the remaining provisions of this Act, or any of them which it may specify, shall come into force in the Province, or any specified part thereof on such date as it may appoint in this behalf. (2) Every such statement shall be accompanied by a copy of the deed or instrument creating the wakf or, if no such deed or instrument has been executed or a copy thereof cannot be obtained shall contain full particulars, as far as they are known to the mutwalli, of the origin, nature and objects of the wakf. The original sub-section (2) have successively been amended by A.(1) Where a person dies, his legal representative shall be liable to pay any sum which the deceased would have been liable to pay if he had not died, in the like manner and to the same extent as the deceased.

(4) Every legal representative shall be personally liable for any tax payable by him in his capacity as legal representative if, while his liability for tax remains undischarged, he creates a charge on or disposes of or parts with any assets of the estate of the deceased, which are in, or may come into, his possession, but such liability shall be limited to the value of the asset so charged, disposed of or parted with.(2) Every representative assessee shall be deemed to be an assessee for the purposes of this Act. What is Assessment in case of search or requisition?Section 153 and 153A of Income Tax Act 1961 What is Time-limit for completion of assessment under section 153A? Section 153B and 153C of Income Tax Act 1961 What is the meaning of Prior approval necessary for assessment in cases of search or requisition? Section 153D and 154 of Income Tax Act 1961 What are other amendments? Section 155 and 156 of Income Tax Act 1961 What is Intimation of loss? Section 157 and 158 of Income Tax Act 1961 What is Procedure when assessee claims identical question of law is pending before High Court or Supreme Court?What is Application of other provisions of this Act?What is the Chapter not to apply after certain date?

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