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Given the choice between nine months in jail and a "treatment center", he chose the latter, in order to reevaluate his direction in life.In addition to being an artist and musician, he is also an entertainer, taking place in freestyle dancing battles, doing stand up comedy, and MCing events.In Act 2 of Episode 7, he says that his father used to beat him and his older brother, and that he had himself emancipated at age 15.In Episode 8, he reveals that his grandfather tried several times to molest him when he was a child.She recently ended her engagement to her fiance, David, who told her to choose between a career and marriage and children. Her parents gave her a promise ring when she was twelve, as a symbol that she would retain her virginity until marriage, but as her boyfriend Jarod states in her home video, they have not upheld that resolution.From early in the season, and repeatedly during it, she comes into conflict with Parisa.

He then puts his arm around me & says “u’re so down to earth” what?!

One Sport Darling Harbour was a sports-themed venue for hosting a variety of different events, and could accommodate up to 1,100 people.

It closed at some point prior to June 2006, when it was leased to the Real World production, which held the lease until June 2007.

She has her own dating and relationships column called "Sexcapades".

She insists that she is not the blonde bimbo that people may think she looks like.

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  1. The unofficial attitude taken by the authorities is that as long as nobody is hurt and it is a transaction between two consulting adults, then there is no problem. However, in one of those strange Thai contradictions, although prostitution is vaguely illegal, the 1996 act still defines the age of consent for prostitutes as 18.