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My thought at the moment is that it might stop once it has finished checking all new media and this will take a long time for collections like mine (500GB, jivester? The "Updating Library" has now run more than a couple of days. I turned off the "get media information from the internet" option. Monitor(s) Displays Acer 22" LCD Wide screen 1680-1050 -Samsung 42" Plasma.... It's almost a week now and it's still not scanned them all completely. A few days ago one of the accounts (the default one) became erratic.

This issue seems to even freeze my media center extender (XBOX 360) and is extremely frustraing (I want my music on my TV BADDDD). If I tell my WMP to stop adding files from the folder my music is in, will that delete all the music already indexed or just any additional music I don't manually tell Wmp to add? My music is on another partition (drive D) on the same hard drive. Sometimes it received mail, other times it did not.

When that one account (but not the others) stopped receiving mail, I "repaired" and uninstalled via the control panel to no avail. A year ago, I created a custom Library and have been using it successfully until the beginning of this week (11/7/2011).

The library's folder location is similar to the following: C:\Users\USERNAME\FOLDERX Now, when I open the Library, it shows a listing of all of the files found within all...

I realize this is not ideal but at least stops the annoyance.

Yes i tried that workaroung one hour ago, but i saw that removing libraries from WMP, it also removes library from Windows too, and i cannot use them then.

Sadly enough, you may have already encountered problems refreshing your library and keeping things tidy.

Have tried turning off the "retrieve additional info from the internet" option but that makes no difference. V = MSE I have the same problem of constant library updating.

I have close to 500gb of music on a USB connected 1TB external HDD. It makes WMP12 almost useless, considering that my music is on an external USB drive (USB is CPU intensive, and the drive is louder than an internal drive.) this is certainly undesired behavior, having no option to tell wmp how to handle the library.

Depending on the amount of songs you have, and how fast your computer is this process can take from 30 seconds to 15 minutes.

For my little 429-track library, it took less than 2 minutes, which is quick keeping in mind that ) are tagged with album art and all other information.

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