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They were giving up after going through horrendous auditions.

They get ready to leave until a rushing girl comes on stage and introduced he... So much time has passed, and things are finally settling down in Harry and Ashley's life together.

Now severely sick in the hospital, the last thing she needs right now is any more complications... Brooke has everything she ever wanted: her dream job, a boyfriend who loves her and an amazing apartment in the centre of London.

Then one day her manager sets her up for an interview with the famous Harry Styles.

After losing touch with the famous boy, she continues her studies.

That is, until Zayn Malik makes the decision to leave One Direc... She thinks the world of Harry, and even goes on tour with him.

Thanks for reading my stories - I hope you've enjoyed at least some of my writing.

Finally, together again Harry and Louis have the time and space to sort out their confusing and deep feelings for each other that have only grown stronger the past year. Casey is unsure to whether she should include her daughters father in her life or not. Never enjoying the company of a lot of people, shy and reserved 16 year old Summer Elise Payne lives her life quietly in the shadows of London.

After Zayn leaves One Direction the remaining members go into depression.

Simon notices and suggests they get a new member to replaced Zayn so they hold auditions.

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Ever since her parents died when she was 5, she was transferred from one orphanage to another all across London until she turned 18. Having no one to guide her, she eventually found a job at a local café. Paige's parents have always abused her both emotionally and physically, but she never expected that the day after she graduated high school they would throw her out of the house and beat her up in an alleyway when she wouldn't leave.

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