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Luke Abbott Social media professional in rounds up: “10 Low Budget Guerrilla Marketing examples” 50.Amy-Mae Elliot has a cool roundup of videos in Mashable in: “10 Excellent Examples of Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns” In Short: Offline Guerrilla Marketing is about using your Marketing Mix in an unexpected way in unexpected places with unexpected tools: shock, raise eyebrows, titillate and pull at your public’s emotional strings at street level.A lot of small businesses are facing budgeting setbacks and low cash-flow which can lead to a downward spiral of less advertising, less promotional activity and less sales. The revolution starts here…Read on to pick up 100 low cost marketing ideas that include both online and offline activities. We’ll show you how great sales and marketing campaigns can be low on cost if big on innovative ideas, imagination and creativity.The Inspiration Room a space for viewing creative content from all forms of media around the world 43.

Great for evoking curiosity and planting brand awareness in specific geographical points in your city.Brand them with your suppliers logo, your logo barcodes or QR code even.Use your products in a way you never did before 19.Guerrilla marketing behaviour delivers publicity via local unconventional marketing activity that makes people sit up and notice..think “Shock & Awe”. The oldest guerrilla trick is old fashion PR so keep at it.Pick up the phone and give local journalists what they need most; great news content – its all about spinning your activity to make it a human interest story.

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