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As mentioned above, luminescence is characterized by electrons undergoing transitions from excited quantum states.The excitation of the luminescent electrons is not connected with appreciable agitations of the atoms that the electrons belong to.One of the preparations was a cold-water extract containing a compound relatively unstable to heat, luciferase; the other was a hot-water extract containing a relatively heat-stable compound, luciferin.The luminescent reaction that occurred when solutions of luciferase and luciferin were mixed at room temperature suggested that all bioluminescent reactions are “luciferin–luciferase reactions.” In view of the complex nature of bioluminescent reactions, it is not astonishing that this simple concept of bioluminescence has had to be modified.

It is one of the most important phosphors in modern technology.The practical value of luminescent materials lies in their capacity to transform invisible forms of energy into visible light.In the most common case excitation occurs after the absorption of electromagnetic radiation.The mechanism described above for the phosphorescence of excited organic molecules fits this picture in that it is also responsible for light persistence up to several seconds.Fluorescence, on the other hand, is an almost instantaneous effect, ending within about 10 second after excitation.

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