Lenny and squiggy on the dating game

and if ya drop it down the dumb-waiter again, I'm gonna cram it up your nose! Squiggy picked up the clock, set off the alarm, and threw it down the dumb-waiter. She then dreams what life would be like for her friends and her family if she had never been born.One Lenny and Squiggy's apartment, morning The boys are still sleeping - Squiggy is on the bottom bunk and Lenny is on the top bunk. " Squiggy looked at it, then sat back in his chair. " Two Shotz Brewery breakroom, mid-morning The boys have just gotten back from a delivery and are sitting at the girls' usual table.

Read More After she has to miss a party because of her broken leg, Laverne sits at home alone and falls asleep while watching It's A Wonderful Life on TV.

Read More In order to pay Shirley back some of the money she owes her, Laverne agrees to be the target in Sonny's knife throwing act at Cowboy Bill's grand opening.

When Sonny breaks his arm and is unable to do the act, Shirley takes over throwing the knives at Laverne, which makes Laverne extremely nervous since she knows that Shirley is already upset with her.

then threatened to cram it up my nose if we throw it down the mine-shaft again, but that ain't gonna fit." "It'll fit if she crams it down your throat! Lenny glared at him as he headed towards the bathroomand slammed the door behind him. A few minutes passed and there was another knock at the door. Lenny came out of the bathroom and looked at Squiggy.

"Now, I'll never find out if this would fit down Lenny's throat! "That's not where Laverne said she was gonna put it! Squiggy closed the door, sat at the table, and started eating from the bowl that Lenny got from the fridge.

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