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All the Syrian refugee evictees Human Rights Watch interviewed identified as Muslim, though humanitarian agencies have also documented the eviction of Syrian Christians.Most of those interviewed by Human Rights Watch attributed their eviction, in part, to their religious identity.While Lebanese municipal authorities make tepid claims that their evictions of Syrian refugees have been based on housing regulation infractions, such as not registering their leases with municipalities, of which there are widespread breaches by Lebanese citizens as well, the measures these municipalities have taken have been directed exclusively at Syrian nationals and not Lebanese citizens.Evidence obtained by Human Rights Watch makes it clear that Syrians in these communities were targeted because of their nationality: Statements by local authorities, politicians and community leaders surrounding the evictions support this conclusion, as does the inconsistency among municipalities in attributing evictions to labor and residency regulation violations, which are not valid legal bases for evicting tenants from their homes.Those municipalities that expel Syrian refugees may end up hurting their communities economically.

Lebanon’s refugee-hosting fatigue has been exacerbated by a lack of international support.

I replied to her that I wished I could go back, but that I couldn’t.” There has been little uniformity in the way municipalities have carried out forced evictions.

Officials from some municipalities, like Zahle in the Bekaa Valley, drafted eviction notices and posted them on people’s doors; officials from other municipalities, like Mizyara in north Lebanon, only made verbal demands for Syrians to leave.

After leaving their homes, many are no longer working in their former municipalities where many had worked for years.

Some told us that they believed their departure would leave a gap in the labor market since they were cleaning streets, picking apples, and performing other low-paying, manual jobs that others were reluctant to do.

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