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You can also check the handy guide to refrigerator and freezer storage times for food on the website.The Jolt Food Safety Date Code Labeling System allows you to transform very inexpensive hardware into the fastest labeling system on the market.

And 20 states restrict stores from selling products after a “use by” date, but 30 states don’t.Do you throw out food when it’s past the “use by” or “sell by” date on the label, thinking it’s no longer safe to eat?Then you’re making the same mistake that 91 percent of Americans – myself included – make: namely, prematurely tossing billions of pounds of food (and wasting lots of money) every year because we think those dates indicate food safety.As early as 1975, the Government Accountability Office warned that failure to develop a national system of open code dating would "add to confusion, because as open dating is used on more products, it would continue letting each manufacturer, retailer, or State choose its own dating system." Yet nearly 40 years later, no such system has been developed -- in part (get ready to don your indignation hat), because of early opposition by the National Association of Food Chains, which argued that the food industry was already spending millions on labeling, and that new requirements would increase costs and inhibit adoption of "further voluntary, progressive programs in the future." Bottom line, Congress has the ability to regulate date labels, but hasn't done so.Technically, FDA and USDA currently have the authority to regulate these labels, but they do very little.

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