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, to perform a monologue focused on sexual harassment. This explains a lot.”He went on to call out a number of actors, politicians, celebrities, and men in Hollywood who have been accused of sexual harassment and/or assault, including Steven Seagal, who—on March 19—was accused of rape and sexual assault by two women; Matthew Weiner, the creator of ; and of course, Harvey Weinstein.It unfortunately wasn’t all that funny, but was factually on point. Leno ended his monologue with a joke about President Donald Trump, saying, “Luckily, those are just media types and Hollywood people.Though we had only been promised 20 minutes for our interview, Jay courteously extended his time with us to make sure we got everything we needed – including a garage tour.Jay says he drives at least 5 vehicles per day to ensure they’re all in proper condition, and that maintenance has become much easier for him and his mechanics with the addition of our technology.With our technology, Jim could restore the part and send it off for printing at Quickparts in less than 30 minutes. But 3D design and fabrication solutions are doing more than saving us time and energy, they are allowing us to design for performance rather than manufacturing, as well as bringing legacy- and custom-parts into circulation.“The fascinating thing is that automobile manufacturing has changed more in the past decade than it previously did in the past century,” said Jay.Jay and his team didn’t hold back while building the one-of-a-kind Eco Jet, which features a 650 horsepower Honeywell turbine engine.Because it’s basically a car wrapped around a jet engine, the Eco Jet cannot be started inside the garage and must instead be wheeled out before spooling up the engine.

” He paused for comedic effect, then continued, “As you know, President Trump allegedly paid a porn star 0,000 to cover up their affair.

On one of these trips, the delicate vents behind each door broke.

Without a CAD file to work from, Jay and his team came to us with the task of digitally manufacturing perfect replacements.

Jay’s chief engineer, Jim Hall, was equally gracious.

Without 3D scanning and the advanced scan-to-CAD capabilities of Geomagic Design™ X, repairing the Eco Jet would have taken Jim weeks of painstaking labor in the machine shop.

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Jay Leno, comedian and celebrity host of NBC’s The Tonight Show from 1992-2014, is almost as well known for his beloved classic car and motorcycle collection.

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