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Jesuit Pope Francis I intends to "Heal the Wound" caused by the split from Halloween 2016 to Halloween 2017, the Satanic Jubilee Year following the 6th Tetrad (4 Consequetive Lunar Eclipses on Passover and Tabernacles) 500 years is significant because in Essene Scroll 11Q13 "Prince Melchisedek Scroll" the prediction is made after 10 Jubilees (500 Years) Prince Melchisedek will return; Melchisedek is of course JESUS, this Melchisedek "King of Jerusalem" will be "Antichrist".

How about reading scripture and letting God build is Temple?How many people do we hear saying "Jewish Bankers"?Jesus is Jewish, He turned the tables on the Bankers; they are not Jewish in any sense. or Easter was celebrated by the Edomite Herod and is not remotely Jewish or Christian? or Communion is purely SPIRITUAL ie not a Cannibalism of Jesus' real body and blood? or that Jesus hates an "Elevated Clergy" (Nicolaitane Doctrine: Rev 2:)? Samhain: Wiccans "Wise Ones"; Witches and Wizards gathered Sky Clad (Naked) in Hexagrams (Star of Molech, Chiun, Sikkuth, Seal of Solomon) to worship Mother Earth, Sun, Moon, Stars; Drawing down the Moon (Arab Moon god Sin=Allah), calling on the Horned Hunter "Cernunnos/Herne" (CERN is named after Cernunnos).America was founded on Sabian (Planetary) Astrology; the 9 Planets, Science claims are orbiting the Sun; America's time in the Sun is about over. in the KJV, the last in Rev matches the 1818 weeks since the Civil War are "Woes" in the KJV whereas "Halelujah" (Hail Jah; Jah is Antichrist; JAH is JESUS) in other versions which is a reversal of what God wrote.Shia "Messianic" Islam teaches when there are 313 sincere followers of Shia Islam, al-Mahdi will be revealed.

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