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The biggest challenge was taking all of the amazing objects they’d acquired around the world and combining them in a way that felt truly authentic.The house couldn’t look like a bohemian Colonial Williamsburg.”Working with decorative-finishes specialist Bruce De Spain, Cunningham reskinned the interior walls and beams with weathered barn siding and corral fencing, adding a patina of age.Hanging near their home’s entry is a framed handwritten mission statement that reads: “To live courageous lives, with grace and moderation,” followed by a list of core values, including “Put Family First,” “Be Present,” and “Give Generously.” As Blake explains, “When Summit came along, Heather and I wanted to set up some guideposts for making decisions.

“Blake and Heather wanted everything to feel personal, layered, and evolved—nothing too designery.Producer Ludwig Goransson and Founder of TOMS and Chief Shoe Giver Blake Mycoskie (R) attend the Grand Opening of TOMS official flagship store on Venice's Abbot Kinney Blvd on December 17, 2012 in Venice, California.Maggie Grace (born Margaret Grace Denig) is an American actress.Treasures from the Mycoskies’ travels include the master bath’s rustic Indian doors, the Balinese desk in Blake’s office, and a massive Buddha statue in the garden.All those pieces mingle amicably with vintage finds and custom-made pieces from Hammer and Spear and other vendors and fabricators clustered in downtown L. PSS Design Cult, a design/build firm, collaborated on several elements, including the kitchen’s hood and brass countertops and the outdoor shower.

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Toms founder Blake Mycoskie and his wife, Heather, at home in Topanga, California, with their goldendoodles, Gypsy and Buddha.

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