Interracial dating in asia

The site has many other bells and whistles, bonus features and community elements (free to all).This review is already turning into a book, so I won’t detail all of them.Here’s something that’s really good or really bad, depending on your gender.At least in the greater Los Angeles area (where this reviewer resides), the ratio of women seeking men versus men seeking women was better than 3 to 1 in favor of the dudes. If you’re female, never fear—a lot of your competition might not be real. Well, I looked through Members Near Me and within the third page of results, there were dozens of members without photos, suspiciously generic, number-based screen names, and a headline that is just few words from a song or some cliché sentiment.For 7.82 and a one-year commitment, you can use all the premium features. You must be a premium member to conduct “power searches.” And by “power searches” they mean what most sites call a standard search.The monthly rate works out to .99 because they give you six months free. If you prefer paying month-to-month, it’s .99 for Gold and .99 for Silver. Here, you can’t enter any kind of search criteria or order your search results based on geographical proximity to you, member status, last login, profiles with photos… Silver members can search by race or screen out listing without photos, but they can’t search by body type or other common criteria. It’s a little annoying to pay money and not be able to refine searches based on basic stuff like height, marital status, religion, smoking/drinking habits, etc.Customer service comes solely through an online form.The site promises “Friendly 24/7 Phone Support” if you subscribe, so I guess they withhold the number to call until they’ve got your $.

The site states that Standard members are allowed a limited number of profile views and email contacts per day. The site never let me, as a Standard member, view more than the smallest glimpse of anyone’s profile and one tiny thumbnail picture per profile.As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a quiz to determine your Personality Type. Once you complete the test, you get a personality breakdown and are classified as one type or another.I’m an “Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiver (ENFP) personality commonly referred to as ‘The Social Philosopher.’” Cool. I’m all for quick, shorthand ways of knowing if someone might be compatible with you or not, so this is another “value added” for the service.Your conversation partners are limited to people who also have the application running.Whenever I tried it out, there were only a handful of women on.

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